Earn money with websites?

Earn money with websites?

Can you still earn money with websites nowadays?

For about two years I have been working continuously on different websites and projects to pay my rent sometime with the help of my own works. Of course this is a dream that probably many people out there have. But is that still possible these days?

After two years I can at least say: It is not impossible. If you think you can quickly develop a small mini-game or a website and get rich, you unfortunately live in a bubble that has to burst at some point. After two years back and forth, without any marketing or anything I have earned say and write 15€ by advertisements.

Minimum Google Adsense Revenues

success and fun

My approach, however, was never focused solely on making money. My goal is to become financially successful with projects that I enjoy. But mostly it is not so easy to earn money with it.

If you look around, you will find many games that have become immensely successful. Today the developers are millionaires and earn money with their ideas without doing anything great. It seems that anyone can become wealthy with an app, website or video game. But as so often in life, you sometimes have to take a closer look, because there are countless games in App Stores, for example, that no one knows about, even though they are of high quality. The revenues are close to zero, although these games often offer at least as much fun as famous examples. (Candycrush, Flappy Birds, Clash of Clans, ...)

The Story of the Fluttering Bird

Flappy Bird by Dong Nguyen

Probably the best known success story is that of Flappy Bird. The developer Dong Nguyen has created a very simple game that has been downloaded millions of times. When the success reached its peak, he had a daily income of about $50,000 and that only through a simple in-app advertising banner. When you hear that, it sounds like everyone could do it. And yes, anyone can do that. There are countless Flappy Bird clones and Flappy Bird inspired games. However, none is as successful as the original. Why?

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How to realize a Flappy Bird clone in less than 100 lines, you can learn here: Flappy Bird in under 100 lines with HTML 5

An idea is never enough on its own. A finished project unfortunately also not. Because the competition is above all, as said at the beginning of the article: This dream does not only have you. And there is also the problem and the question that has to be asked in order to get one step closer to success. How can I stand out from the crowd?


Desser and fresh oranges.

And the answer to this question is simple but difficult: Advertising. I like to use a metaphor with fruit merchants. Imagine there are three fruit merchants in a small village. Two of these fruit merchants are very centrally located while the third is a bit further away. All offer the same fruit with identical quality. Of course all buyers simply go to the closest fruit dealer and shop there.

The third one stays poor until he gets the idea to spread everywhere how fresh and juicy his fruit is, that it was harvested by hand with a lot of love and that it is the best fruit in the country. Suddenly more and more people take the long way to get their hands on this great fruit.

The truth is however: There is no difference. And this is how advertising usually works, of course there are really good and "better" products that are advertised but there are also lots of products that are equivalent or even worse and are still sold in advertisements as the best product.

And who doesn't want best and maybe even at a similar price?


Nobody should feel discouraged to dare something and to realize their own ideas and projects. However, you should not think that the desired success will come immediately, otherwise the disappointment could be great. A lot of skill, a lot of experience, a lot of patience and a pinch of luck are necessary for success. On a fair fight, competitor.

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