Motivational problems

Motivational problems

motivaton low

When developing the project Gethers I had to struggle with motivation problems again and again. But Gether is not the first project where I had to struggle with my motivation. Many projects that I started I never finished or just threw away and left behind. Where do these motivation lows come from?


Often I have noticed that these roller coaster rides are caused by inadequate planning and spongy objectives. When is the project finished? What is to be achieved? What should it look like at the end?

Is this how I imagined Gether? Not necessarily.

These questions are often asked during development and no clear answer is available, so motivation is constantly tipped over.

Long breaks

Another reason for my listlessness to continue projects was too long breaks in development. If you leave your project too long, it's not only hard to get started (to understand the code again), but also hard to find the drive to continue and above all to find the point to tackle again.

Overly high expectations

When you set yourself high goals, it is one thing, but the other thing is to have high expectations. For example, I realized, finalized and published a project idea, but the expected response did not come. The motivation for the project, in which I had invested 6 months of work, was completely erased in a very short time. Another example is having too high an expectation of the final product. Often it becomes completely different than you originally imagined it to be.


Bugs, glitches and crashes should never be a reason to abandon a project, but often are. There are many ways to quickly find and fix certain bugs.

Solution paths

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In fact, as I have noticed time and again for myself personally, it is an extremely high effort to restore the motivation for an existing project. However, there are a few small tips to generate motivation sparks.

TODO Lists

Todo lists are extremely helpful, not only to remember which tasks are still to be done, but also to remember what you have already done. In the best case, this creates a few motivation boosts.


Switch off the computer and a pencil block can work wonders. Sometimes it helps to plan everything through again and to write down or draw ideas and drafts. Quasi a todo list with more background information and thoughts.

Switch off Internet

Distraction is everywhere around us and we always try to avoid something strenuous or boring. The internet is a negative big help for this. Eliminating this factor, if Internet is not necessary for the project, can be a real help for the actual goal.

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