Gether - Final (Full Code)

Gether - Final (Full Code)


After a long time back and forth and many low motivation I developed a final version of the project Gether. This version contains the following functions:

Cooperative Multiplayer Game - Gether

  • Local Multiplayer
  • Object Oriented & Clearly Arranged
  • Animated characters
  • Tile System + .CSV File Parser
  • Spawner
  • Simples artificial monster behavior
  • Simples Item System
  • Simples Level System
  • restart on death

Of course it is by far not a complete game, but that was not the goal of this project. Gether is interested in C++ and SFML. For everyone who wants to understand the basics of multiplayer games and also for everyone who wants to tinker.

The objective of the game is to defeat all boss monsters. This can only be achieved by reaching a high character level and using the weapons in the boxes. The whole game is played cooperatively with a friend in the local network.

What's missing?

There are some things missing to call Gether a finished game. First of all the game balance is missing. There are some empty boxes, there are no particle effects, etc.


Full map. Empty boxes, no particle effects, no monster animations.

What have I learned?

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Since this game was also a new project for me, there are some new and old experiences I made. The most important thing I learned in this project is that especially in multiplayer games you should take care of the game content before you jump on the multiplayer components. I also learned again that you should never forget the effort for graphics (of course also music, sounds, ...). Last but not least you should always keep an eye on your goal to keep your Motivation going as long as possible.


You can download the whole project here for free.
Gether - Full Project (.exe & MSVC++ 2010)

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