Android Studio + MEmu as emulator (no Intel HAXM required)

 Android Studio + MEmu as emulator (no Intel HAXM required)

Emulator does not work or is too slow

When developing Android Apps I had the constant problem that the offered Android Studio emulators didn't work for me. The Intel HAXM emulators didn't work because I don't have an Intel processor and the ARM emulators didn't work for other reasons. So I couldn't use a hardware accelerated emulator or the slow ARM alternative. I was only able to test it on real devices, which was better and faster overall but became impractical in the long run because of unlocking the device, private messages and calls. Sometime later I came across a solution by chance.

Use Android Studio with external emulator

After downloading a standalone Android emulator to use an application on my PC, I happened to see that Android Studio recognizes this emulator and can use it.


I personally use MEmu to see if it works with other emulators I haven't tested yet. MEmu is however a generally very performant and good Android emulator for the PC, which is why I can recommend it at this point. To use MEmu with Android Studio you have to do the following steps.

use MEmu as an external emulator

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Motivationsprobleme bei Projekten.

  • 1. step: install MEmu. Download
  • 2. step: Start Android Studio.
  • 3. step: Click on the green "Run" arrow at Android Studio run.png
  • 4 Step: Close the window again (after ADB has initialized). adb.png
  • 5th step: Start Taskmanager (STRG + ALT + ENTF) and terminate the process adb.exe!taskmanager.png
  • 6 Step: Quick Start MEmu. adb_memu.png

If you now click the green arrow again in Android Studio, the MEmu emulator should be listed as a real device. Now you can test your app with this emulator and debug it.

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