Why use libgdx?

Why use libgdx?

5 reasons for libgdx

Libgdx is a Java library, which should facilitate platform-independent game programming. Libgdx is now especially interesting for the development of Android games.

#1 Easy to set up

On the website of libgdx you can find a download for a setup program. With this program a new libgdx project can be created in a flash. This can then be opened with Android Studio and executed directly.

#2 Low Level

libgdx mainly offers many basic functionalities. For example drawing, moving, rotating, ... of sprites. But not animation. This allows the development of very application-oriented solutions, allows more creativity and saves overhead.

#3 Easy to learn

The classes and methods are named very logically. There are many tutorials and resources on the net. There are tutorials that explain the complete development of a game, ...

#4 Tools

Libgdx offers a few useful tools which should further simplify the development of games. These include a 2D and 3D particle editor, a texture packer (creates a texture atlas) and a font packer.

#5 Open Source and Games List

The whole libgdx project is open source. On the official website there is a games list where you can publish your game. Maybe a little nice extra.

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